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Insurance Company & Agent Abuse Investigations

If you believe you or someone you know has been abused or taken advantage of by an insurance company, an insurance agent, registered representative, or a financial adviser, we may be able to help you.

We've taken up the fight against insurance companies — and their inexperienced, untrained, unprofessional, and unscrupulous agents — and other financial services professionals who lead clients to purchase unnecessary, improper, or unsuitable insurance and securities products, many of which have the potential to cause real financial harm to good folks who are expecting a completely different result. 

There are some persons conducting business deceptively by describing themselves as "Wealth Managers," "Medicare (or Social Security) Specialists," "Trust and Estate Counselors," "Wealth Preservation Experts," "Financial Independence Planners," and dozens of other seemingly professional titles when, in fact, they are simply licensed life and health insurance agents.  The various titles these individuals give to themselves are intended only to build trust in order to gain access to a consumer's personal and financial information, and are completely unrecognized within the industry or under state insurance laws, and these persons take advantage of consumers who believe these individuals have special skills or abilities based on mere titles. And, unfortunately, some aren't even licensed insurance producers. 

If an insurance company or any of its employees, agents, or contractors has acted in bad faith when it comes to resolving your claim (or that of someone you know), we may be able to intervene on your behalf as your claims advocate to effect an amicable resolution without the need to resort to costly litigation or arbitration.  If you've been sold an inappropriate or unsuitable insurance product, it may be advisable to replace the product with one more appropriate for your needs, and it may even be possible to obtain rescission of the original contract with a full refund of premiums paid if we can show that t he insurance was transacted based on concealment or misrepresentation. 

And if your matter demands a higher level of action, we can connect you with highly experienced legal counsel and help them develop your case for trial or arbitration. 


Don't let another year go by without health insurance for you or your family!!

You may be eligible for premium tax credits to help pay your health insurance premiums, but you cannot receive that help unless you have a Qualified Health Plan obtained through the Covered California Health Benefits Exchange.  

Open enrollment for 2015 begins on November 15, 2014, with coverage effective on January 1, 2015.  If your household income is less than 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, you may be eligible for no-cost health coverage through Medi-Cal.  Call us for enrollment assistance through Covered California any time of the year.

If your household income is between 138% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level you may be eligible for tax credit subsidies to help pay for a QHP, and I can help you to obtain those credits by enrolling in a health insurance plan through Covered California.  If your household income exceeds the subsidy limit, I can help you obtain one of the many QHPs available outside the Exchange at competitive rates. 

Navigators, Assisters, and Certified Enrollment Counselors are only permitted to help you fill out an application through Covered California -- they are neither qualified nor licensed to help you determine which plan best meets your needs. 

Only California-licensed Accident & Health agents can do that.  And only those agents who have passed the Covered California training and certification exam can submit your QHP application through the Exchange. 

Click on the logo above to visit the Covered California website.  As a Certified Insurance Agent, Max Herr can assist all consumers to obtain coverage under a Qualified Health Plan or Medi-Cal through the Covered California Health Benefit Exchange.  

THERE IS NO COST FOR ASSISTANCE . . . it is a violation of state law for anyone to charge a consumer to assist him/her to obtain health insurance!!  

Call us at 909-618-4841 for more information.  You can also reach us via email by writing to:  max.herr@verion.net

Some insurance agents and other financial advisers have taken additional educational courses and earned one or more professional designations.  Neither the state insurance commissioners, state securities administrators, FINRA, nor the SEC approve or endorse the use of these designations, but they do allow their use by those persons who have earned them. Particular emphasis has been placed on the unlawful and deceptive use of "senior" designations in an effort to reduce exploitation of persons over age 65.

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