Policy analysis and case consultation is available to attorneys and to owners, insureds, and beneficiaries of life insurance, endowments, and annuity contracts, as well as for disability income, health insurance, Medicare, Medicare Supplement insurance and Medicare Advantage plans, and long-term care insurance.  If nothing else, after completing the analysis of your policy(ies), we will make sure you understand your coverage and how it works, what it does or does not do, and how you may be able to realize the maximum benefits of your policy.  If you have insurance that may or may not be in your best interest, we will let you know why.  Max's analytical work is unbiased and thorough.  A detailed policy analysis can even prevent unnecessary litigation and help resolve a minor claims dispute, or lead to litigation when an agent or insurance company has clearly committed wrongdoing that needs to be redressed. 

Knowledge of insurance industry marketing, training, and sales practices, as well as insurance law, combined with years of field and classroom experience, gives Max an uncommon ability to analyze insurance contracts and claims in the most intricate manner, often spotting critical details others have overlooked.  His unique and intimate understanding of insurance products allows Max to describe their complexities in ordinary language and common terms that any consumer, judge, or juror can easily comprehend, making him an invaluable resource for plaintiffs' attorneys nationwide.

Initial consultation with insurance consumers, family members, beneficiaries, and attorneys to ascertain the merits of a case and to determine the potential for individual or class action litigation is provided at no cost.   In-depth policy and case analysis, as well as retention as an expert witness, is fee based pursuant to a written agreement as required by the California Insurance Code.

CIC §32.5. "Life and disability insurance analyst" means a person who, for a fee or compensation of any kind, paid by or derived from any person or source other than an insurer, advises, purports to advise, or offers to advise any person insured under, named as beneficiary of, or having any interest in, a life or disability insurance contract, in any manner concerning that contract or his or her rights in respect thereto.

CIC §1848.  A person licensed pursuant to this chapter shall not receive any fee unless that fee is based upon a written agreement signed by the party to be charged.  A copy of every such agreement shall be retained by the licensee for not less than three years after the services have been fully performed.  A person licensed pursuant to CIC §1848 shall not charge a fee for any service which is customarily associated with the solicitation of insurance sales or the servicing of insurance contracts written by the licensee or contracts for which the licensee is receiving compensation from the insurer. 

The agreement shall include a statement that information and services concerning insurance policies may be obtained directly from the insurer without cost, a statement outlining the services to be performed for which a fee is to be charged, and the fee to be charged. Additionally, if the licensee is also licensed pursuant to Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 1621), there shall be a statement in the agreement indicating that the licensee is so licensed and, as such, receives commissions for the sale of products. A copy of every such agreement shall be retained by the licensee for not less than three years after the services have been fully performed.