Great agents and great insurance companies have been providing peace of mind to Americans for more than 200 years, and have helped their clients avoid financial tragedies at the worst possible moments.  But just as no two agents are alike, no one insurance product can meet the needs of all persons.  When it comes to purchasing the coverage you need, you must know what a policy does and does not cover.  You must ask the right questions. 

As an insurance consumer, you have the right to know all the details, both the advantages and the disadvantages, about the products an agent or insurance company is promoting to you.  Many agents avoid answering questions because the answers often reveal shortcomings in the products being recommended.  You should only make a decision to apply for or accept a policy when you have all the information you need and fully understand the coverage and any exclusions.  If the policy says something other than what the agent has said, the agent was wrong.  You cannot always rely on the words of an agent alone!

Your questions are important, and they deserve an answer!  

If you cannot get the answers you need from an agent or an insurance company, send me your questions and I'll send you my answers.  You will get honest, impartial, and easy to understand information.  I try to answer all questions within 24 hours. 

If you have an urgent need, feel free to call me anytime at either of the phone numbers above. 

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